For Employers

Refugees are great employees.

Our experienced refugee employment team helps refugees succeed in the U.S. by offering a variety of job readiness/placement services at no cost to employers. Whether you represent the hospitality, retail, manufacturing, education, agricultural, health care or service sector, we have the ability to fill job openings quickly with eager, qualified and motivated workers.

Hire a refugee because:

  1. they are legally authorized to work in the U.S.
  2. are flexible and skilled
  3. have excellent job retention
  4. possess a strong work ethic and are motivated to work
  5. they bring diversity to your workforce

​*Hiring refugees may also qualify your business for special government incentive programs.

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We offer work orientation, pre-screening, and assessment based on employer needs, as well as job coaching.

If you anticipate any job openings or would like more information, please contact Tatyana Abashina, Employment Coordinator at 413.737.2601 or

Download Refugee Employment Flyer.

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