TAP-In! Telebuddy Volunteers

You can sign up to be a TAP-In! Telebuddy today.

TAP-In! is a free telephone assurance program for elders.


Telebuddies are volunteer callers who make weekly phone calls to elders in our community that are TAP-In! Participants.  As a Telebuddy, you work from the comfort of your own home and provide good cheer and helpful resources to elders in our community.

These calls offer the Telebuddy the joy of giving and participating in the community in a unique and meaningful way.  

Meet Sandy Rowley, a TAP-In! volunteer!  

To learn more about being a TAP-In! Volunteer, contact Cathy Chandler, LICSW.

Phone: 413.455.1936 x104
Email: c.chandler@jfswm.org