evelyn's story

JFS ElderCare Program offers many services to elders, caregivers and their families.

Meet Evelyn...A 64 year old woman who contacted JFS for caregiver support.  Evelyn lived alone prior to bringing her ailing 79 year old sister Rose to live with her in Springfield from California. Before the move, Evelyn grew concerned for her sister’s wellbeing and sensed that she might not safe. Rose was more disoriented, forgetful and she no longer seemed to be the loving, happy sister that Evelyn remembered. When Evelyn saw Rose, she realized her concerns were real. 

Rose’s house was in disarray. She soon learned that Rose’s caregiver was neglectful in caring for her. Immediately Evelyn decided to bring her sister to live with her.This transition proved challenging for both. Rose was not adjusting well and displayed signs of dementia. Realizing that she needed support, Evelyn called JFS.

Evelyn spoke with Cathy, JFS Clinical Social Worker who met with both and developed a plan of care to address their individual needs. Evelyn also met with the JFS Information & Referral Specialist, Tamador who helped her better understand available financial resources and apply for public benefits.With JFS’s help, Evelyn was able to place Rose in an Adult Day Care Center while she worked. Rose now had supervision, meals, and a safety plan which gave Evelyn peace of mind.

However, Evelyn continued to struggle with the stress of caregiving. Cathy was able to provide in-home counseling until Evelyn felt ready to join the JFS caregiver support group, a safe place where she had the opportunity to connect with other caregivers. Yet Evelyn’s story is not finished. She knows that she can continue to rely on JFS for assistance navigating life’s challenges and transitions as her caregiving role changes, thanks to the support of many donors, friends and community partners. 

*These names have been changed to protect each person’s privacy.