Resources for Refugee Youth Mentors, 2020


Career Exploration

MassHire Career Information System (CIS)

This is a great site full of information to help young people learn more about themselves and their interests, and then match that information to possible further education and careers. (Choose the high school version.) You could do some of it together in order to talk them through aspects they may not understand or which may be new for them.

Career OneStop

Another comprehensive site that offers free interest assessments and other career, learning, and life planning tools.

Health Care

Excellent free after-school program for high school students interested in exploring careers in health care.

Information Technology/Computers

Free training program for high school graduates with a passion for computers, coding, etc.

Job Corps (a way to learn a trade while living away from home (for free) - without going straight to college)

Summer Jobs & Leadership Opportunities

This organization offers free workplace readiness workshops during school vacation weeks, and has other resources to help youth find and prepare for jobs.

Great leadership development program for young people interested in being outside, meeting other youth, learning about gardening/farming, food justice, community development. Also offer summer work.

Practice filling out online job applications

Driving Permit/License Resourses

RMV Information

Online practice tests

Driving Schools
Some high schools offer driver’s education classes for a fee. Please ask your mentee to ask at their schools. As for on the road driving practice, you can Google driving schools, but we cannot recommend any particular ones.

Academic Support/Online Learning

Khan Academy is a great way for students to learn about/get extra help on a wide range of academic subjects, as well as prepare for the SAT. Short videos and other interactive exercises.

Other Helpful Resources for Mentors

Understanding the Cultural Backgrounds of Your Mentees
This may be useful even if somewhat outdated.

Statistics about Refugee Arrivals in Mass.

Positive Youth Development for Refugees