Thank you!

Dear Friend,

Thank you for supporting our work and our community as we provide protection for those who flee violence and persecution.

As we prepare to celebrate Passover, we are reminded that the heart of Passover is the retelling of a story in our history of violence and persecution that forced our people to flee to a safer land where they could build a new home. As Jews, we gather at our Seders each year to recount our history as refugees, our slavery and to celebrate our freedom. We are reminded of what it feels like to be a slave and what it feels like to be free.

Every day, you help us protect older adults, welcome New Americans seeking a safe haven, strengthen individuals coping with life's challenges and transitions through counseling and support local residents to become U.S. citizens.

We want to especially acknowledge those of you who made wonderful and generous gifts to our Matzah Fund this year. Together, we strengthened Jewish life in the Upper and Lower Valley by distributing 270 bags of Passover food to seniors and households with limited financial resources. We also sponsor over 30 people to attend a Seder at local synagogues so that they can share the community experience with others.

You not only helped to welcome the stranger- you also enriched your community with your generosity.

On behalf of the board and staff I wish you a joyous and meaningful Passover.

Chag Sameach. Thank you for being a part of JFS.


Maxine J. Stein, MSW
President & CEO