Support Refugee Resettlement

Dear Friend,

At the age of eight, Adan fled the violence of the Somali civil war with his family. They lived in the forest for a year, foraging for food and clean water, and survived the next 13 years in Kenyan refugee camps until they were finally approved for resettlement. "Jewish Family Service met my family and I at the airport, found us housing in Springfield, and helped me secure a job….I was not hoping to be anything special. I just wanted a better life – that was my dream.”

Thanks to your support, Adan is now married with several children, has a full-time job, and is planning to go to college. He tutors other refugees for the Holyoke Public Schools, is president of the Somali Bantu Association, and started the Springfield Stars soccer team for Somali teenage boys who had no after-school activities.

If you have yet to give to our New American Program, please make the most generous donation you can today so JFS can provide housing, food, clothing, and access to health care to the several hundred refugees who are scheduled to arrive in Western Massachusetts this year with little more than the clothes on their backs.

A gift of only $30 per month will mean the difference between despair and hope to hundreds of refugees like Adan who are building new lives, right here in Western Massachusetts. Join with JFS and make a stand for community and compassion, today and for years to come.

Thank you for being a partner in this work,

Maxine J. Stein
President & CEO

P.S. Your contributions replace dollars that already have been cut by the federal government and may be further reduced in the months ahead. Your gift will support all those who joined us this past year so we can continue providing vital individualized case management services, counseling, employment training and placement, ESOL classes, citizenship preparation, child care and transportation.