Never Again- S.S. St. Louis 1939

Dear Friend,

Today marks the anniversary of the day that the S.S. St. Louis began its fateful return journey to Europe. In 1939, the U.S. government denied safety to the hundreds of Jewish refugees on board; 254 of these refugees would later die in the Holocaust.

Tonight Jewish communities across the country will stand together in loving support of all of those who have sought refuge in the United States, past and present. The Jewish community knows the tragic consequences of shutting down pathways to safety for refugees. We must prevent this from happening again. 

This year, there have been unprecedented attacks on the refugee program. Two executive orders seeking to halt refugee admissions were released, Congress launched various legislative attacks against refugees, and, across the country, governors and state and local legislators took measures to try to limit refugee resettlement in their states, towns, and cities.

Join us to call on our elected officials not to make the same mistake again by denying safe haven to today’s victims of violence and persecution.

Send a message to your elected officials to continue funding the U.S refugee program and to stand against any policy that would restrict resettlement for any group of refugees of any ethnicity, religion, or nationality.

Thank you for your support,

Maxine J. Stein
President & CEO