Give the Gift of Passover

Dear Friend,

If you've already given to our annual Passover/Matzah Project- Thank you! If not, there's still time to give. Home-bound seniors and families with limited financial resources are counting on us to help them celebrate Passover.

As we prepare for this holiday, let's remember that while we celebrate our freedom from oppression and hardship, it is our responsibility to advocate and help provide for those who are not free from the oppression of hunger.

Please give generously. Your gift will ensure that everyone has the necessary provisions to set their own Seder table or join a communal Seder at one of our local synagogues.

On behalf of everyone at JFS, I wish you a season of joy, gratitude and freedom.

Chag sameach,

Maxine J. Stein, MSW
President & CEO

P.S. If you know someone who would like to receive non-perishable Passover food or attend a Seder, please let us know. Contact Galina or 413.455.1936 x106.