cultural broker program for refugees

Family Support Services Promoting Health and Independence

What is the Cultural Broker Program for Refugees?

The cultural broker program for refugees provides individualized intensive community support services. Each individual or family is paired with a trained case worker who speaks their language and understands their culture. Our multicultural staff works closely with community providers (medical and mental health professionals, transitional assistance agencies, educators, public safety organizations,etc.) linking resources and developing a comprehensive service plan.

How can the Cultural Broker Program help?

  • Assist with health care, transitional assistance and housing
  • Provide service coordination and linkage
  • Improve daily living skills
  • Access mental health services and other community resources
  • Promote personal and family stability in work, school, and relationships
  • Prevent hospitalizations

Our goal is to foster independence and wellness for every individual and family.

If you know refugee individuals or families who might benefit from this service, please call 413.737.2601 or email

Download program brochure here.